This 12-week online course will let you learn the fundamentals of body proportion, line drawing and coloring, so you can create stylish, sophisticated fashion illustrations confidently. The tutorials are broken down by chapters including a full-body figure, hand/arm, face, different poses, fashion items, backgrounds as well as all the secret finishing tips to level up your illustration! I am sharing all the tips, tricks and techniques learned over the years as a fashion illustrator in New York. This is the course that I wish had existed when I started my illustrator career. It's perfect for an absolute beginner as well as those of you who want to enhance your skills even further!

Your Instructor

Chloe Takahashi

After getting my finance/business degree, I worked in investment banking. In 2019, I decided to follow my heart and passion in fashion/art.  Along with my job, I started drawing and began working as a self-taught illustrator in New York.

I was determined to post my work online weekly, and my IG followers grew to 41K and Red Book followers 19K in China. Thanks to my social media presence, I was able to receive commission works pretty quickly. 

Now I left my corporate job and work as a full-time illustrator and founder of my own company. I truly enjoy being in the creative field, working with renowned magazines and top fashion brands!

Diving into fashion illustration was the best decision I made, but it wasn't easy doing it alone. I made this course to share with you everything I learned from my hard work over the years and fast track your learning!

Great for...

  • Complete beginner who want to start drawing as a hobby
  • Intermediate artist who want to take your skills to the next level
  • Those of you who want to draw stylish fashion illustrations using digital medium
  • Or want to learn how to draw like Chloe! :)

What You Will Get

  • 12 video learning modules (approx. 30 min each)
  • Access to an online community of myself and other students
  • Q&A sessions in the community
  • Drawing templates and notes
  • My Clip Studio & PSD illustration file with all the layers
  • 1 bonus video
  • List of tools and brushes that I use
  • List of recommended books
  • An official certificate of completion in Fashion Illustration Masterclass

Course Curriculum

00 Draw Digitally [bonus video] Let's draw with CLIP STUDIO and Procreate
01 Female Figure
Step-by-step drawing process, body proportion, secret tips to draw female figure beautifully
02 Arm/Hand
3 secrets to draw hands perfectly and level up your illustration, how to illustrate with dimension
03 Leg/Foot
Fundamentals and advanced drawing of leg/foot, how to master leg on heel and from other angles
04 Stylish Face
Step-by-step drawing process of front and side face, important techniques to draw face stylishly
05 Poses with Movement
Practice on a runway walking pose, how to portray body movement lively
06 Male Figure
Drawing difference in female and male figures, how to draw male figure stylishly for chic fashion illustration
07 Sophisticated Line Drawing
3 secret dos and don'ts in simple and stylish line drawing
08 Coloring Basics 1
Each step in coloring process for chic and inspiring fashion illustration (from base color to background/finishing)
09 Coloring Basics 2
Tips on shading, color selection, and all other important coloring techniques
10 Advanced Coloring 1
Practice on drawing unique textures and patterned fabrics such as floral print, fur and denim and expanding creativity
11 Advanced Coloring 2
How to illustrate fashion items including heels, hat & purse as well as backgrounds in chic and simple style
12 Secret Finishing Techniques
Several finishing tips to instantly level up your illustration, lettering how-to

Pricing options

You can select from two payment methods.

How to Learn

  1. Pick a time that works best for you and watch a video module uploaded weekly
  2. Draw your own version of each tutorial, utilizing the video and templates/notes
  3. Ask questions or request feedback to Chloe and other students in the community group

Coaching Option

Add-on option to the Masterclass for those of you who want my detailed feedback on your work (once a week x 12 weeks) *Available only to people who take the Masterclass

Ready to Start?

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  • Is this course good for a complete beginner?

    Absolutely! The course is designed for both beginners and those of you who already draw. The video modules are easy to follow, and templates, online community & Q&A session will support you along the way.

  • When does the course start?

    The course is based on pre-recorded videos, so you can enroll and start your learning anytime during the year! But please note that the spots are limited, and the course price is subject to change without notice.

  • Do you have to live in the US to take the course?

    No, you can take the course anywhere in the world, at any time.

  • What is the course language?

    You can choose the course language from English, Japanese, or Chinese.

  • What do I need to prepare for the course?

    If you want to practice digitally, please prepare a tablet, digital pen and drawing app. A list of tools and brushes that I use is included in the course, and all the brushes are downloadable for free. Even if you don't own an iPad, as long as you have a device to access the course site, pencil, paper, something to color like markers, you are good to go!

  • Do you have to purchase digital tools to take the course?

    I draw digitally throughout the course, but that doesn't mean an iPad and software are absolutely necessary as a lot of my course materials focus on fundamentals of drawing fashion illustration. The course is also great for people who draw on paper!

  • Once enrolled can I take the course at my own pace or do I need to stick to the 12 week schedule?

    I recommend completing one module per week, but you can absolutely schedule your learning speed at your own pace as the course access duration has some buffer (180 days from your enrollment)!

  • Can I use a credit card from countries other than the US?

    Yes, we take most of the credit cards! There is also an option of PayPal.

  • What if I am unhappy with the purchase?

    Due to the nature of the digital course, I cannot offer a refund, however, please contact me with your concerns, and I will do my best to provide a useful solution.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


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